WesAGE is the Wesleyan Alliance for Generational Exchange.

Our mission:

WesAGE facilitates opportunities for interaction between Wesleyan students and elderly Middletown residents, through a network of outreach programs. We strive for symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships.

Stuff we do:

One MacDonough Social Hour (every other Friday from 2-3pm)

One MacDonough Assisted Living facility social hour is a great opportunity to come meet seniors in a casual setting. Come play board games, dominoes, chat, and participate in activities (blanket making, arts and crafts, Wii Bowling, to name a few) with the residents. Also, check out our co-programming with other Wesleyan groups! We meet at OCS a few minutes prior to walk down together.

Companions Program

Students are matched with an elderly companion for weekly visitations. The mail goal is to establish a friendship, although some seniors may need help with small chores (carrying groceries, taking a walk, etc). Most seniors live in assisted living facilities within a 10-minute walk from campus, and students design their own schedules.

WeShare (coordinated by Liz Reagan, ereagan@wesleyan.edu)

  WeShare works with the Alzheimer’s unit at the Village at South Farms, facilitating recreational therapy for the residents. In the past, this has included music and cooking lessons. Students devote about an hour a week.

Special Events

  WesAGE also organizes events with seniors. In the past, these have included talent shows, smaller performances, and dinners. Our longest-standing event is the International Dessert Fair at the Senior Center, which occurs every spring. We also volunteer to help local organizations with such events as tag sales, auctions, and lecture nights.

On-Campus Events

    On Campus awareness and fundraising events include film screenings, bake sales, and performances.

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